I am Enrico Paragas

I am a full time online marketer, web and app developer. Developed 30+ software products and 300+ websites over the last few years generating over 100,000 sales online from my products. I loves turning ideas into profitable ventures & helping people solve problems using technology & marketing.
PHONE: +60165888858
EMAIL: enricoparagas@gmail.com
ADDRESS: Beverly Hills, 88300, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


Expertise & Skills

I have expertise in wordpress, php5, ajax , javascript, jquery, html5, css3, responsive designs, in databases i have experience and command with mysql5.
I am familiar with stored procedures, triggers, sql joins, I can fetch you any type of highly dynamic reports.

Here is the top services that i will provide

  • Adding and Managing Entities.
  • Deleting Entities.
  • Forms, File Uploads.
  • Content Editing.
  • Monitoring the System.
  • Managing Users access.
  • Providing Login Credentials.

  • Searching, Filtering and Viewing Data
  • Google Map Integration
  • Payment Method (Paypal ,stripe, billpz )
  • Ecommerce /  Website
  • Social Media Login (Facebook etc)
  • Real Time Chat Feature
  • Web Speed

Designing And Developing Mobile App

Development for iPhone and Android native App and expertise with. PHP and MySQL as back-end based web applications development as well. I have an excellent expertise with Geo-tagging, and mapping in mobile apps.

Following are the different categories of apps I have developed:

  • Taxi Booking App
  • Food Ordering App
  • On-Demand Handyman service App
  • Dating App
  • Social App
  • Finance App
  • Laundry /  Cleaning App
  • Health and Fitness App and many more.

Approach toward work:


Understanding and developing the project as per the client’s requirement within a given deadline.


Writing a well-documented code that is easy to understand and maintain in the future.


Meetings deadlines effectively.

With strong communication and designing capability, I would welcome the opportunity  to hearing your valuable comments and build a long business relations.